September 6, 2021

The pandemic has changed our lifestyle including the way we set up our home. Most of us have to merge our office and personal spaces into one. Most of us are working from home during lockdown and we tend to forget that keeping both these spaces separate is important. There has to be some distinction between your personal and professional setups within a home so that you do not feel consumed by work during the time you are taking a break or during the evening when you want to feel relaxed.

Here are a few tips for designing your home office:

Let there be light

Let there be light:

You’ll likely spend many hours in your home office, so don’t compromise on space. Don’t go into a cramped corner to work. Choose a location with some natural light and a view if possible. Say, if you are in an apartment, keep your desk close to the window and in a location where your computer screen will not be impacted by the sunlight.

Trust us, you don’t want to be that colleague on the daily video call who has light shining in behind them, leaving the team blinded and them unable to see their screen with the light reflection.

Give Your Space Personality

Give your space a personality – your personality!

Yes – you can have a stylish home office! The great part about working from home is that you can give your home office an even more personalized look and feel.  Think about what inspires you. It could be decorative pieces, pictures, fancy stationery, postcards of places you love, a mood board etc. Include these personal touches when you plan your home office design, and it will brighten up your day!

Whilst too much can cause your desk to look messy, a few well-thought-out items can lift your mood. Avoid looking cluttered and disorganised by keeping it simple, don’t go overboard. Ensure the space is still neat and tidy; you will be surprised how this can impact your focus!

Bring Colour To Your Space

Bring colour to your space.

Colour can have an enormous impact on your mood, focus, information retention, and so much more. A light blue colour can calm the mind and help with concentration. Brighter colours, like yellow and pink, help spark creativity and energy. Take a look at the effects of some colours in home offices:

  • Yellow: Seen as the colour of creativity and increases information retention. Though yellow can induce eye fatigue when overused.
  • Blue: Known as the colour of productivity, blue promotes concentration and emotional balance, keeping you in a state of flow. However, too much blue can make you too relaxed and halt your innovative streak!
  • Orange: Best used in a peachier tone to bring feelings of happiness and being welcome. Something we all need during lockdown.
  • Green: Causes less eye fatigue, allowing you to focus & pay attention for longer. Similar to blue, Green brings calm feelings and a higher increase in well-being.

At the end of the day, go with what appeals to you!

Shared Space

Shared Space:

If your workstation is in your bedroom due to a lack of space, strategically place items that will divide the two. Try to put a separator or a chair. A rug positioned under the desk visually cuts this work area off from the rest of the room. You can even use a foldable desk which can be put on one side of the room once the workday is over. Hanging a corkboard for any to-do lists and the work calendar over the desk can also look chic.

Go Green

Go Green:

It would be a good idea to add plants to your workspace. Not only are they soothing and aesthetically pleasing, they can also act as a divider.

Get a Standing Desk

Get a standing desk, if you can

Working at a standing desk will help energise and focus you, as well as improve posture and reduce the risk of back pain from uncomfortable chairs, or hunching over a laptop. There are a range of affordable options out there that you can easily add onto your existing desk!

Tech Storage

Tech Storage

Declutter your desk and grab some storage boxes. Put away any extra wires and cables that are loose on or around your desk. Better still, make a tech pouch which has all the wires, cords and cables you might need and put removable labels on them!

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