May 16, 2023

If you’re considering investing in real estate or expanding your property portfolio, selecting the right partners is crucial for success. At St Trinity, we recognise the importance of having the best real estate professionals on your team, from choosing the perfect property to purchasing and settling.

Are you unsure of when to begin your first property investment? Let’s take a look at how Daniel began his property investment journey.

Daniel’s Property Journey

Daniel Lai, a 27-year-old male, works as a communication officer at Transport NSW. Three years ago, he moved out of his parent’s home and started renting with his friends to cut costs. However, he soon realised that expenses always exceeded savings.

Furthermore, Daniel and his partner desired their own space. As a result, he decided to explore property investing, allowing him to acquire his first home and build his property portfolio at the same time.

Discover how Daniel initiated his first property investment with St Trinity

Despite receiving discouragement from friends and neighbours, who suggested he prioritise enjoying his youth and travelling rather than investing in property, Daniel overcame this obstacle. He approached our team at St Trinity for guidance and market information, which provided him with the assurance he needed. After careful consideration, just one week later, he made the decision to invest in one of our projects, The Hoxton Liverpool.

“The team assisted me at every step, connected me with different parties like banks, understood my situation, explained all my concerns, and provided me with valuable information such as apartment purchasing, the current market, and the future market. They even called me from time to time just to check in,” Daniel said.

The Hoxton Liverpool

The Hoxton Liverpool is an excellent investment property to build wealth.

“During the settlement process, St Trinity helped me keep track of all the documents required to submit to third parties. With St Trinity’s assistance, I knew what information I needed to submit and what would occur after settlement,” he added.

“It’s stressful, but it feels great to know that we’re building wealth for the future so early, and it feels secure to own an investment property.”

Daniel attended various investment seminars at St Trinity pre and post-purchase to stay up to date with the current property market. He is currently living in his new home with his partner, and they are saving up to buy another investment apartment with St Trinity.

Daniel’s Tips for Young Property Investors

Based on his own experience as a first-time investor, Daniel offers valuable tips. His first advice is to get in early when you are financially ready. Recognising that investing in property is an investment in your financial future, Daniel emphasizes the importance of starting as soon as you are able to, rather than waiting for the perfect moment.

He understands that time is a valuable asset when it comes to building wealth through investments. By getting started early, you give yourself more opportunities for growth and higher returns. Daniel’s key message is to prioritise your financial well-being and seize the right moment to begin your investment journey.


For many first-time investors, navigating the process of becoming an investor can be overwhelming. Daniel understands this, and he recommends seeking guidance from expert property and investment professionals.

That’s where St Trinity comes in. With a commitment to providing comprehensive support, we offer a full-service experience starting from the initial stage of investment all the way to settlement. Our aim is to help first-time investors gain confidence and clarity, knowing that they have a dedicated team to guide them through each step of the investment journey.

Watch Daniel’s Entire Story Here!

Now is the perfect time to start your property investment journey. Feel free to call our team at (02) 9099 3412.

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