June 13, 2023

Are you currently facing challenges whilst renting? You’re not alone. With the current supply shortage and rental crisis, renting can be a nightmare. Getting out of the rental market and finding your own home may seem daunting. However, becoming your own landlord whilst building on your property portfolio is your road to financial success.

At St Trinity, we pride ourselves on professionalism. Giving you the right preparation and guidance to become an independent investor in property is one of our many areas of expertise. By ditching the rental market and instead opting for the comfort and stability of your own home, our team is here to help you choose the perfect property to settle in. 

If you’re unsure how you could escape the rental market, having a look at Alex’s journey leaving the rental market and into his own home may be just the inspiration you need to start your own journey!

Alex’s Property Journey

Alex Hayden, 36, is a teacher who grew up in Sydney. When Alex’s son was born, he decided to make the move to Wollongong, as he desired to live a much more calm lifestyle than he did when living in Sydney, in an area that included lots of nature and close access to a beach.

Alex was initially renting when he first moved to Wollongong but wanted to move after renting prices went through the roof. While looking for property, Alex was recommended by friends that he look into off-the-plan properties or apartments. That is when he discovered St Trinity’s Midtown Project, located in central Wollongong. Midtown was the sixth or seventh property where Alex had looked to purchase in Wollongong, and it was the perfect decision.

At St Trinity, our team strives to help those like Alex with their property journeys. Alex said that chatting with Lisa from St Trinity was much different than talking to sales consultants from other property consultants or even real estate agents. Lisa had a wonderful approach and understood Alex’s circumstances whilst looking to purchase a property.

“Lisa offered many properties in the area and pointed me in the right direction. She was attentive the whole way through the process”.

“While consulting with other property groups in the region, I felt like I was being rushed, and they wanted a quick sale. I felt like Lisa cared and heard my story”. Alex said.

Alex says that his newly purchased apartment fits his needs perfectly and describes his view of his apartment as “better than he ever imagined”. Two reasons include that it offers picture-perfect views of Mt Keira and that the apartment was loved by his three-year-old son.

With only a four-minute walk to the hospital, a two-minute walk to the train station, and Wollongong Central Shopping Centre located down the road from his new home, Alex feels like he has secured the perfect apartment for himself and his son.

Alex’s Sight for his future in Property 

The St Trinity team aims to help our clients make informed decisions in purchasing property and expand their portfolio too. Alex says that he is not done with his property portfolio just yet.

“The biggest tip that i think is helpful (when looking to buy property), is to sort out your finances. It’s so important to go and see a broker”, Alex said to our team.

He states that purchasing property is a rick/return situation and that stress can be alleviated if purchasers do adequate research whilst looking to purchase property in Australia.

“Once you get in and have settled, the property market just seems to open up to you. It’s true what they say, as soon as you have the foot in the door you’ve got it!”

Alex’s sight for the future is to develop a portfolio of properties to further build on this wealth. This

Alex get out of property market


For many property buyers, leaving the rental market may seem like a huge hurdle that may feel impossible. Alex felt the struggles and stress of being in the rental market but took the right steps, with the right team on his side, to purchase his own home and work towards building up his own property portfolio. 

Our St Trinity team are here by your side, with a total commitment to providing support and guidance to get you on the road to becoming a property owner, the same way Alex did!

Our main goal is to assist you in being confident and ready, knowing that you have a dedicated team to help you through all stages of your property journey. 

Watch Alex’s inspiring story here:

Inspired by Alex’s story of getting out of the rental market? Now is the perfect time for you to get out of the rental market and start your own property journey. Feel free to call our team at (02) 9099 3412.

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