December 19, 2022

Being a first-home buyer can be tricky to navigate. However, here at St Trinity, our team are here to help guide you through your property journey. 

Need some inspiration to get a kickstart in purchasing your first home? Let’s take a look at Liam’s property journey.

Liam’s Property Journey

Liam, a 28-year-old male, works in the hospitality sector in hotel management. After hearing his current lease was coming to an end, he decided not to enter a new lease but instead that it was time he pushed himself to purchase a property to call his own.

Liam had a short amount of time to find a home that was perfect for him – 3 months, to be exact. After scouring the internet and inspecting over 30 different apartment options, Premiere Kogarah really stood out to him.

When looking to purchase your first home, every individual has different criteria set in their mind. For Liam, these criteria included quality and affordability. When comparing Premiere Kogarah apartments to his previously sought-out options, he found Premiere was within his price range and had notable quality. This quality was later confirmed when he came in to inspect the finished apartments themselves, wherein he saw and felt the excellent quality of the design.

Premiere Kogarah - Luxury Studio, 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments

On top of this, Liam loved the central location of these Kogarah apartments. This was because it was close to the station, shopping centre, hospital and even the city – offering great accessibility.

Much like most first-home buyers, Liam did not know how to purchase an apartment and had zero property knowledge. As a result, he had many questions to ask. Liam said that with St Trinity, he felt more comfortable as the team was both professional and patient with him and helped wrap his head around concepts he did not understand during the process.

Premiere Kogarah - Luxury Studio, 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments

The help Liam was given by St Trinity made his property journey an easy one. This was because he initially found purchasing property to be intimidating as he did not know what, or how the process was going to happen. However, with the help of St Trinity, Liam was able to ask all the questions he wanted and was shown how things work in order to gain a better understanding. This gave him the knowledge to be more confident with his property decision.  

As a result, Liam has become more optimistic and is thinking of investing in property again sometime in the future. 

Many first home buyers are just like Liam. They are looking to purchase a property of their own to call home, yet are intimidated and unsure about what the steps that need to be taken are. At St Trinity Property Group, our team are here to help you every step of the way, from pre-purchase to post-purchase, through to settlement and beyond.

Watch Liam’s entire story here!

Much like Liam, you can have confidence in all your property decisions.

Thinking it’s your time to purchase a property of your own?

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