March 14, 2023

There’s so much glamour and talk these days about the property market. But so many people are still clueless and afraid to get their foot into the market. Let’s explore Norm’s success story – a 23-year-old who purchased his first property and just how easy it was for him!

Norm’s Background 

Norm, a young and ambitious 23-year-old, is studying whilst working at St Trinity Property Group. Coming from a family heavily involved in the property industry, Norm naturally started working in real estate straight after high school. However, he chose not to work in the family property business and worked in two well-known real estate agencies prior to St Trinity. As a sales associate at St Trinity, he has grown and achieved so much for himself, resulting in him confidently purchasing his first property last year! 

Norm's Background

Norm’s Property Journey 

Norm has been around property talk his whole life, but he didn’t truly start understanding and appreciating the property game until he started working in the industry and was able to practice what he preached. 

He says his “whole family is in real estate…my grandparents, on my dad’s side, are property developers, and own buildings and multiple properties…however, I haven’t bought any property developed by them”. With over 7000+ apartments and the “right guidance and right people” behind him at St Trinity, he was able to narrow down his options and secure his first property which was within his price range, and in an area that has huge infrastructural development planned for the next few years. What a great situation for Norm! 


Norm purchased on an off-the-plan apartment as he saw how the “asset value increases during the building period”. St Trinity, specializing in off-the-plan apartments, helped him choose and access a suitable apartment for himself.

His goal is to “buy 3 apartments by the time he’s 30”. He hopes to be in a position of financial freedom, have all those properties paid off, and help his future family as well as others achieve their financial freedom journey as well. 

Norm’s Hints and Tips

  • Get one, two, or three properties in your 20s, so that by the time you are 40 you’ll be in an excellent position to further secure your future wealth
  • If you have a deposit as a first home buyer, speak to St Trinity – they can guide you to get the right property. There is no time to waste, a deposit can be as small as $10,000.
  • Speak to a property strategist at St Trinity – 10+ years of property expertise.
  • Get into the property market now and start building equity.


Watch Norm’s entire story here!

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