December 11, 2023

Christmas house decorations can magically turn any living space into a festive haven brimming with warmth and joy. 

As the sound of jingle bells becomes louder as Christmas approaches, there’s a special joy in adding twinkling lights, ornaments, and the scent of pine or cinnamon to our homes. We all look forward to family, friends and presents with a festive and merry vibe. 

With so much love under one roof, a living room with Christmas decorations can elevate the warmth in our hearts. Who doesn’t wish to be welcomed into the holiday embrace of a home?

Here are 9 tips to bring festive charm into your living room with Christmas house decorations.

1. Let there be light – Christmas Lights!

The first step to creating a festive vibe is to surround yourself with twinkling lights & warm colours, such as fairy lights. Warm white lighting that matches the theme of your living room in the form of rustic lamps or LEDs could do wonders in giving a warm welcome!

2.  A large rug for extra comfort and a joyous mood

A great way to create a festive & inviting living room is to introduce soft furnishings such as a super soft rug. A rug over hard flooring can add the right comfort and texture to transform your living room. 

Choosing a plush rug with soft knit wool can maximise your comfort levels as the family snuggles (or naps) after a large meal. Add textured pillows or throw blankets to bring a Christmas glow to your living room.

3. Scented candles

The Christmas tree, candles and festive ornaments are some of the most festive Christmas décor to bring out the holiday spirit.

Nothing sets the mood for a Christmas night like the aroma of essential oils and the flickering glow of candle flame on your coffee table. 

Scented soy candles not only increase the aesthetics of your living room, but studies have found that they accompany many health benefits, such as boosting energy to relieve stress. Cinnamon and ginger scents are very popular during Christmas!

Here are the top 3 scents that smell just like the holidays:

  • Cinnamon is Christmas in scent form! Setting that warm and spicy cinnamon fragrance around your home will give a glorious festive feel to your Christmas living room.
  • The distinct aromas of ginger, nutmeg and clove will make your home smell exactly like freshly baked gingerbread biscuits.
  • Celebrating Christmas in summer also allows for fruity aromas like pineapple, orange and passionfruit to shine through. Dessert-inspired scents are just perfect for this festive season!

4. A pop of colour

Inviting fresh greenery into your home will not only fill the space with a rejuvenating and festive look but also be full of benefits such as aromatherapy and air purification. 

Try to go for a minimalist look by investing in mini trees and placing them in the corners to reduce the sense of emptiness and let the spotlight shine on the Christmas tree.

You can also follow the traditional red theme by bringing in red festive accessories or finish your gifts with a red ribbon. If you’re feeling creative, embrace white across your décor! 

A white Christmas tree, tree skirt, wall art and twinkling Christmas lights can set the feeling of a winter wonderland. Because not many Australians will have the chance to experience a White Christmas for real!

5. Create a warm welcome with spiced tones

Make your living room holiday-ready by decorating with spiced tones. Warming shades of seasonal clove, nutmeg and cinnamon help to enrich the look and bring a touch of holiday cheer to your family room.

Embracing these tones to your Christmas tree decorations and throughout your home will be like giving your family a warm hug as they walk through the door.

6. Match your Christmas house decorations to your furniture

Mismatched colourful sofas are all the rage right now. If you have them at home, try dressing your Christmas tree in the same shades as your living space to bring the entire room together.

From traditional gold, silver and rose metallics, or whites that match your coffee table, to pastel blue throw pillows that go great with the soft blue hues on your tree, these decorating ideas will surely keep your space merry and bright.

christmas house decorations

7. Corner your hobby

Dedicate a corner of your Christmas living room to your personal interests. It could be a wall filled with your paintings, a bookshelf or a disco music corner to make you feel festive this holiday season. 

You can also make it yourself for a crafty Christmas by adding craft garlands, natural elements and card strings to decorate your living room. Paper crafts are a great way to involve the whole family by making your own paper decorating ideas.

christmas house decorations

8. Include a snack or bar station

For intimate gatherings, let guests help themselves. It will give you a break if you are a fan of hosting a festive gathering by allowing everyone to mix their own drinks and get their own snack. 

Plus, champagne glasses & a nice bottle of bubbly will look great to show on your side tables too!

christmas house decorations

9. Don’t forget your front door

Wreaths will add festive cheer to your front door and impress your friends or family members before they even enter your Christmas living room. You can always add fairy lights, fresh greenery, bells and more. It will make the perfect entrance to your space.

It all boils down to whether your Christmas living room makes you feel at home. Every individual is unique, and no one will decorate the same as you would! 

You might be a maximalist and fill your room with festive accessories or want to keep your Christmas living room décor simple and discrete. Whatever it is, let your living room speak for you. 

By giving profound meaning to your space and thinking carefully about what aesthetics you want to surround yourself with, you can tailor an interior that speaks for you.

Feeling comfortable in your own space is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. If you are comfortable, everyone around you will feel at ease too. Use these Christmas living room décor tips to celebrate Christmas this year in your haven. After all, we show our loved ones that we welcome them with open arms.

However, there could be many reasons why you might be hesitant to change your living room for Christmas, ranging from needing a sense of freedom, to making changes in rentals to just needing a clean slate for fresh ideas.

Your Christmas Home Journey Starts Here, Just Like Liam’s Did

In the heart of the festive season, much like most first-home buyer, Liam, a client of ours at St Trinity, unwrapped the gift of his first home-buying journey with us just before Christmas. 

Liam, like many others, had little knowledge of purchasing an apartment at the start and was full of questions. With St Trinity, Liam found the support he needed to navigate this exciting but often complex process.

Watch Liam’s entire story here!

As you deck the halls with joyful Christmas house decorations, consider the opportune time for property investment during this festive season. Explore key trends that unlock the potential of the holiday season in real estate.

To know more click here: Is Christmas a Good Time To Buy Property? – 3 Key Trends You Need To Know

If you dream of your first home purchase or want to make a festive move before Christmas, let us be your guiding star.

Contact us today to start your enchanting journey and experience the same warm holiday spirit that Liam did with St Trinity.

Your dream home, wrapped in the magic of Christmas, awaits!


  1. How can I do Christmas house decorations on a budget?
  • Craft homemade decorations using affordable materials like paper, pinecones, or recycled items.
  • Give new life to old items, be it mason jars, books, or scarves, turning them into festive decor.
  • Explore budget-friendly options for ornaments, lights, and decorations at your local dollar store.
  1. What are the Christmas house decoration trends for 2023 and 2024?
  • Opt for eco-friendly decor made from recycled or natural materials for a trendy and responsible touch.
  • Embrace neutral colour schemes like whites, blues, and metallics for a modern holiday look.
  • Bring in vintage-inspired ornaments and decorations for a timeless and charming vibe.
  1. What’s the easiest way to adorn my living room with Christmas house decorations?
  • Start with a central point like the tree or mantelpiece to anchor your decorations.
  • Combine various textures like plush throws, knit stockings, and metallic accents for a cosy feel.
  • Invest in decorations that serve multiple purposes, like decorative pillows and festive blankets.
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