July 19, 2023

For many Australians, downsizing their home is a smart move that not only frees up cash but also reduces the burdens associated with homeownership.

If you find yourself unsure about whether this is the ideal time to move on to your next chapter in life, let’s delve into Monica’s story and uncover the remarkable benefits she experienced from downsizing, enjoying added luxury and a hassle-free lifestyle.

Monica’s Property Journey 

At 78 years old, Monica set off on an extraordinary journey of transformation. She had resided in the same home since she was a ten-month-old child, amassing an incredible seventy-year history within its walls. However, as the years passed and Monica grew older, she wanted a fresh start.

Recognising the significance of her retirement years, Monica made the decision to downsize her property, viewing it as a means to embrace a new chapter and fully enjoy her well-deserved retirement. Hence, making a decision became quite a challenge for her.

“I was going from agent to agent, I don’t like this and I don’t like that.. But I know what I like when I walk into a property, and that’s how I felt when I walked into this”. Monica said 

Drawn to the breathtaking high view that exuded a sense of freedom, Monica instantly fell in love with the Premiere Kogarah, especially with the assistance and expert advice provided by St Trinity team.

When it comes to purchasing a property, location plays a crucial role, and Monica understands its significance. For her, living in close proximity to essential amenities such as parks, public transportation, shopping centres, and recreational facilities is vital for maintaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Monica enthusiastically shared,

“I’m not a driver, so I prefer walking everywhere. Having everything within reach, like shops and transport, makes it incredibly convenient. Moreover, the area feels safe and impeccably clean.”

Monica further explained that her chosen location in Kogarah and the specific building she opted for exceeded her expectations in every way. She expressed her desire for a higher vantage point, saying,

“I wanted something high where I can look out from and sense freedom. Not at the bottom of the building where everything is on your shoulders; I wanted to be up and with the light. I love the view of the city and the airport,” she says.

“There [are amazing] paintings, the walls are great, and there is natural light that comes in. Bathrooms are also absolutely fantastic”. Monica said

With a desire to help our clients make the best decision when it comes to investing or purchasing property, the team at St Trinity provided expert guidance and assistance that led Monica to purchase her first property unproblematically. 

“Nick from the St Trinity team has been extremely helpful. Everybody within the organisation has been willing to help and assist wherever I needed it.”

Monica’s Tip For Those Looking Into Purchasing Property  

During our interview with Monica, she said that downsizing was a great decision and that others should follow in her footsteps. 

“I would recommend to anyone that they should downsize, even if they think they shouldn’t do it.” 

When it comes to considering the purchase of a new property, the sentimental attachment to one’s childhood home often becomes a significant hurdle that holds many buyers back from taking the leap. However, Monica, with her personal experience, confidently says that buying her own property was a transformative step into the next phase of her life. She warmly encourages others to embrace this opportunity and embark on their next chapters.

“I advise anybody to get rid of their clutter and whatever is holding them back, to step out into the future to the next phase of life. Once your time is up in a certain area, you move on, and you don’t take regrets with you,” Monica told our team. 

Most Importantly, If Monica Can Do It, You Can Too!

Monica understands that purchasing property may not be the easiest decision to make by yourself. However, the team at St Trinity assisted Monica and ensured that the best result occurred, and it did! Monica is optimistic about her future and encourages others not to allow the daunting feeling of securing their next property to hinder their future. 

Watch Monicas Inspiring story here: 

The team at St Trinity offer the expertise and professionalism to help our clients purchase a property that fits their needs. We pride ourselves on assisting you throughout your entire journey.   

Inspired by Monica’s story of purchasing her first property? Now is the perfect time to do the same and begin your property journey today!

Feel free to call our team anytime at (02) 9099 3412.

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