September 28, 2023

Are you feeling the impact of high cash rates? You’re not alone. The cash rate has been a hot topic in the property market recently. But fear not; breaking into the property market and starting your property journey is more attainable than you might think.

If you’re seeking guidance on how to navigate the challenges posed by high cash rates, Abhinav’s journey provides a source of inspiration. Not only did Abhinav enter the property market, but he also found an ideal apartment with numerous conveniences, proving that success is possible with the right guidance.

Abhinav’s Property Journey 

Abhinav, a 35-year-old business analyst, embarked on an incredible property journey with St Trinity, and his inspiring story on how one can overcome initial challenges and make a successful property investment in a new country.

Abhinav begins his property journey with his family

Having been a tenant in Kogarah, Abhinav was determined to escape the burden of high rental costs. While high-interest rates present a challenge for many potential buyers, Abhinav views them more as an ‘initial hesitation.’ The transition from renting to property ownership is not easy, especially in a new country. But with the right guidance and support from St Trinity team, Abhinav has overcome these initial hurdles on his path to property ownership.

“When we started looking for a property, the first thing that we looked at was the amenities. Because we’ve got a small kid who’s just started school.” 

As a family with a young child, one of Abhinav’s top priorities was finding a property close to essential amenities. Proximity to his child’s school, Kogarah Primary School, was especially critical. His son’s education was a priority, and the fact that the school was right next to Premiere Kogarah, their chosen property, made it an ideal location.

“We’ve looked at a few townhouses, but those were a bit outer in the outskirts, just commuting to that place and then 30, 40 km outside the city was a hassle.”

Abhinav’s journey took a significant turn when he connected with Joe, a dedicated member of the St Trinity team. Joe’s extensive knowledge and unwavering guidance played a pivotal role in shaping Abhinav’s property venture. To ensure a seamless and well-informed purchasing process, Abhinav also engaged with St Trinity Settlement team. In sharing his experience, Abhinav experienced a refreshing level of support and a commitment to his needs.

“Usually, with sales, it’s a bit pushy as a profession, but we’ve not encountered that kind of it.”

Ultimately, Abhinav and his family’s relentless pursuit of the ideal property paid off when they set foot in their current home. Abhinav vividly recalls the moment when he first entered the property, a place where he instantly envisioned himself and his family.

“When I came to this property, I somehow saw myself here, which is why we did see a lot of properties after this as well. But we ultimately settled on this.”

During this exploration, they stumbled upon the property that would eventually become their home. This unique feeling prompted them to continue exploring other properties, but as they compared them to this one, it became clear that none quite matched the sense of belonging and potential they felt here.

His journey with St Trinity unfolded organically, proving that sometimes when the right property speaks to you, it’s worth seizing the opportunity.

Most Importantly, If Abhinav Can Do It, You Can Too!

Just three months ago, the thought of purchasing an apartment or a house wasn’t even on the radar for Abhinav and his family. They were fully immersed in the present, not actively considering property investment as a viable option. 

“Three months back, we weren’t even actually looking at buying an apartment or a house. We’re just living in the moment. Now, we’ve cross that bridge.” 

Watch Abhihav’s Entire Story Here!

Abhinav’s story is a compelling reminder that it’s never too late to explore the possibilities. With determination, the right resources, and the support of experts like St Trinity, you can bridge the gap between your current situation and the dream of property ownership. 

Now is the perfect time to start your property journey. 

If Abhinav can do it, you can too. 

Call our team at (02) 9099 3412 or enquire with us now, and let us help you get started!

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