August 11, 2023

On August 7th, our Managing Director, Nicholas El-Khoury, and Strategy Director – Wendy El-Khoury, joined the hosting of the heartfelt “Sebheye” charity breakfast in partnership with Sydney to Lebanon Aid Appeal and Wedded Wonderland. This heartwarming collaboration united a community with compassion and purpose for a meaningful morning. Beyond its goal of raising funds for the St Antoine Orphanage in Kfarfou, Lebanon, the event provided an opportunity to form personal connections with the orphaned children, sharing genuine care and support.

With an impressive turnout of 110 attendees, the event achieved its fundraising goals and exceeded them, raising a remarkable $25,020. These funds provide essential necessities for the 110 young orphans, aged 4 to 16, at St Antoine Orphanage. The event was a testament to unity and genuine care for those in need.

Wendy El-Khoury, our STPG Strategy Director, explained why this event was so special. She said, “The reason why I was so drawn to Sydney to Lebanon Aid Appeal is that there are no admin fees, there are no overheads, I get photos and videos and receipts right away showing exactly where every single dollar is being spent, and it’s going directly to the hands of the people who need it most”. 

The event was like a storytime where two excellent speakers, George Boutros and Wendy El-Khoury, shared their thoughts.

George Boutros said, “No matter where kids come from, they’re all the same. That’s why we’re here today – to help these kids have better lives.”

“What the orphanage gives is dignity, a bed to sleep in, breakfast to have, a school for some education and after speaking to Wendy, we thought it is our duty to drive change in this orphanage to give them more dignity,” He said.

Their words deeply echoed, showing how important it is to help the young generation in Lebanon during tough times. The heartfelt speeches touched everyone, making us understand how standing together can make a big difference.

An integral aspect of the event was the personal connection each guest could establish with the orphaned children. Attendees had the opportunity to send postcards to the children of St Antoine Orphanage, accompanied by heartfelt and personalised notes. This gesture bridged geographical distances and conveyed warmth and support across continents, letting the children know they were cared for.

George Boutros remarked, “We’re merely steering the ship, and you, our attendees, are the driving force. Without you, this is just an idea.” The ‘Sebheye’ event was a testament to teamwork and dedication.

Donors were allocated ticket numbers and received meticulously curated goody bags in correspondence. These bags contained fantastic items and vouchers from supportive businesses, ensuring each recipient was left with a cherished gift.

The decor, styled by Mary Ronis Events in collaboration with Natalie By Design, Dots Flower Shoppe, Take Me Hire, and Loved by Lucy, reflected Lebanese heritage with olive branches, bread towers, and aromatic herbs. This thoughtful styling set the tone and symbolised unity and hope. These elements were thoughtfully gifted to attendees after the event.

The event went well because kind event partners and sponsors supported it. These sponsors were vital in making ‘Sebheye’ happen:

Event Sponsors:


Gifting Sponsors:


The ‘Sebheye’ fundraiser had a strong impact, bringing together a caring community to help the St Antoine Orphanage in Kfarfou, Lebanon. Attendees departed with a sense of accomplishment, knowing their contributions will shape a brighter future for orphaned children. The theme of unity, connection, and solidarity will continue to echo, reminding us of the remarkable change that can arise from small gestures.

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