May 24, 2023

The St Trinity Property Group and Wedded Wonderland Quarterly Event achieved tremendous success, leaving participants filled with inspiration and motivation. Filled with captivating speeches and beneficial networking chances, the event celebrated outstanding achievements and offered a sneak peek into the promising future of both businesses. Taking place at The William Inglis Hotel, the venue’s delightful atmosphere created an unforgettable experience.

Guest Speakers

We were delighted to host Australia’s #1 Real Estate Coach, Tom Panos and Award-Winning Global Event Planner, Nadia Duran, both captivating the audience with their expertise and passion. Each presentation was a masterclass in its own right, offering invaluable insights and practical knowledge. From thought-provoking discussions to success stories and emerging trends, both teams were treated to a wealth of information that will undoubtedly shape their professional journeys.

Here is some insight into our team’s key takeaways from our esteemed guest speakers:

“The event exceeded my expectations! I like how Tom explained prospecting scripts and his advice about hard work and treating every opportunity equally. It was very engaging and I learned a lot from the speakers.” ~ Hannah

“Overall the event was really great, and everyone provided a lot of value. I really enjoyed Tom’s talk about prospecting and how we can’t let things like perfectionism, overthinking or the fear of failure stop us from doing what’s important – making calls! Both speakers gave very inspirational talks, and overall the event was better than I expected.” ~ Nishaan

“It was great hearing different perspectives from Nadia and Tom. Nadia’s story and what she has been able to accomplish is inspiring. I also found Tom’s advice around being persistent really helpful because it’s easy to find reasons not to make calls, but really we shouldn’t be doing anything else other than that. Just make the calls!” ~ Johnny

The event took on an extra layer of significance as Nicholas El-Khoury, Chief Executive Officer and Wendy El-Khoury, Chief Strategy Officer, both founders of St Trinity Property Group and Wedded Wonderland, discussed the brands’ history, accomplishments, and exciting future directions. Their heartfelt presentations offered a comprehensive understanding of the brands’ evolution, strategic goals, and roadmap for success, creating a sense of unity and shared purpose among the teams.

One of the highlights of the event was the recognition of staff excellence. Esteemed awards were presented to commendable individuals within the teams, acknowledging their exceptional contributions and dedication. The awards showcased the company’s values, commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and acknowledged the invaluable roles played by our talented team members.

Take a look at the Quarter One Company Value Award Winners below:


Palak demonstrates remarkable expertise as an adept problem-solver, effectively resolving complex issues throughout different areas of the business. With a discerning ability to identify inefficiencies in processes and systems, he consistently generates valuable insights and implements strategic solutions. Palak’s unwavering commitment to data analysis and interpretation enables him to identify gaps and provide expert guidance on rectifying them.


Lara’s exceptional attentiveness and dedication extend beyond her immediate responsibilities. As an active listener, she proactively picks up on areas of improvement across the entire business. Her keen observation skills allow her to identify opportunities for resolution with minimal disruption. With a comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end journey, Lara takes the management of her leads seriously, ensuring their needs are met long after initial human contact.


Oliver’s thinking is characterized by flexibility and remarkable creativity when pairing our leads with our closers. He demonstrates an ability to envision and strategize three steps ahead, consistently prioritizing delivering an exceptional customer experience. Oliver’s forward-thinking approach ensures that customers receive the utmost satisfaction throughout their journey with us.


Melissa recently completed a comprehensive four-week training program, during which her newly acquired knowledge was rigorously tested both internally and externally. She has surpassed expectations by effectively leveraging our intellectual property (IP) to deliver substantial value to our esteemed clients.

Followed by the Quarter One Sales Awards:

  • Most Held Appointments: James Caillard
  • Highest Held Rate: James Caillard
  • Most Exchanges by Associate: Norm Hanna
  • Highest Consultant Converter: Lisa Lewis
  • Consultant of the Quarter: Sophie Pellegrino

The event featured engaging sessions that provided hands-on learning experiences. These activities facilitated in-depth discussions and allowed both teams to explore specific aspects of the brands’ operations and strategies. Attendees had the opportunity to learn directly from industry leaders, gain practical insights, and engage in thought-provoking conversations that will assist their career progression.

“It was great to speak to other people in the business from different teams because we don’t normally get that chance when people are based in different locations and are generally busy working. It was also great to see people recognised with awards and I found that motivated me to do better. I’m excited about the upcoming projects” ~ Neil

As the event came to a close, attendees departed with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for the future. The guest speaker presentations, staff awards, and discussions with Nicholas and Wendy collectively painted a compelling vision for St Trinity Property Group and Wedded Wonderland. The Quarterly event was a remarkable showcase of excellence, vision, and collaboration and served as a powerful reminder that success is not achieved alone but through the collective efforts of talented individuals and a commitment to innovation and growth.

Together, we can shape a future filled with achievement and endless possibilities.

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