August 23, 2023

We all dream of achieving financial success, but figuring out the best ways to get there can be a puzzle. While saving diligently and earning a comfortable income are essential components of a sound financial strategy, there are more efficient ways to grow wealth at a faster pace. This is where the difference between saving, earning and investing comes to light. 

Let’s explore:

Understanding Wealth

We can understand wealth in different ways. If we talk about things we can touch and use, it means having valuable stuff. But true wealth means more than just having money or things.

When we look at the bigger picture, wealth means feeling safe with money and being able to choose how we want to live without worrying too much about it.

Building Wealth by Spending Less

One of the key rules for getting rich is to always spend less money than you make – in other words, to live within your limits.

Spending a lot of money is simple. But earning more money is tough. The real challenge is to ensure that what you spend doesn’t consistently exceed what you earn. If you manage to have $100 left after covering your expenses every month, you can slowly build your wealth over time.

However, the strategy of spending less does have its limitations:

1. Limited Scalability: This method has a stopping point. You can’t keep cutting expenses forever. Once you’ve tried everything to spend less, you can’t save more.

2. Potential Quality of Life Impact: Doing this might affect how you enjoy life. It could make things less enjoyable, which is not what you want when you’re trying to get more money – it goes against why you wanted more money in the first place.

Building Wealth by Earning More

Another way to grow your wealth is by making more money. You can do this in a few ways:

  1. Get a Raise or Promotion: If you make more money at your job, you’ll have more to save and invest.
  2. Start a Side Business: You can do something extra on the side to earn more money, like selling things online or doing a part-time job.
  3. Freelance or Contract Work: If you’re good at something, you can offer your skills to others and earn money.
  4. Get a Second Job: Working another job can bring in extra income.

Unlike the strategy of spending less, making more money offers a strong opportunity to build wealth. However, it has its limits and usually requires a lot of time and effort to increase significantly.

Building Wealth by Investing

Investing is the key differentiator in building wealth. While earning more and spending less help maintain capital and earning might have its restrictions, investing possesses the capability to expand your financial assets exponentially. Investing can be: 

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Property

Investing is a way to grow your wealth that uses a few important things:

  1. Compound Interest:  Compound interest is when you not only earn interest on your original investment but also on the interest you’ve already earned. This means your money can grow faster over time.
  2. Capital Appreciation: This is when your investments, like stocks or real estate, increase in value as time goes on. It’s like your money is becoming more valuable.
  3. Passive Income: When you invest, you can earn money without having to work for it actively. For example, you might get regular payments from owning stocks or from renting out a property you own.

The best plan for building wealth usually includes a mix of these three things: saving, earning more, and investing. They all work together to help you create a strong and secure financial future.

Investing in Real Estate: A Popular Approach to Building Wealth

Property investment stands as a well-established method for creating wealth. Engaging in real estate allows investors to enjoy the advantages of possible property value appreciation along with rental income, facilitating wealth accumulation over both the immediate and extended periods.


Property investment is simpler than it might sound. You buy a property, rent it out, and if all goes well, its value goes up. When you eventually sell it, you can make a good profit. In Australia, property investing is seen as a safer and more traditional way to increase your wealth.

When delving into property investment, it’s crucial to factor in the concept of ‘gearing.’

Positive gearing – Your property is positively geared if the income from your investment is more than your interest payments and outgoings like maintenance and repair costs.

Negatively gearing – Your property is negatively geared if the income from your investment is less than your interest payments and outgoings. Negative gearing can lead to tax advantages because it enables investors to deduct this overall loss from their total taxable income during tax season.

How Does Property Investment Contribute to Wealth Building?

  1. Stability and Tangibility: Property investment offers tangible assets that tend to appreciate over time. These things usually become worth more as time goes on. Unlike shaky stocks or markets that go up and down a lot, real estate usually goes up in value more steadily. This can be good for people who don’t like taking big risks with their money.
  2. Income Generation: Real estate investments can provide a consistent rental income stream, supplementing your regular earnings. This income can contribute to covering mortgage payments and even yielding additional profit.
  3. Leverage: Through leverage, investors can use borrowed money to purchase properties, increasing their potential returns. Property values historically appreciate over time, compounding the overall wealth growth.
  4. Diversification: Real estate investment allows for portfolio diversification, reducing risk by spreading investments across different properties and locations.
  5. Inflation: Real estate investments have historically served as protection against inflation, with property values and rental income usually increasing alongside rising prices. As the costs of goods and services go up, property assets tend to gain value as well. This can potentially lead to greater returns for property owners over the long term.

So, Is Now The Right Time to Invest in Property? 

Despite facing 12 increases in the RBA cash rate, properties in Australia have shown remarkable resilience. In May 2023, CoreLogic’s Home Value Index recorded a robust 1.2% increase, marking the strongest growth since November 2021. Furthermore, rental rates surged by 11.7% from April 2022 to April 2023, as reported by another CoreLogic Index, marking the largest annual increase on record.

Looking ahead, predictions indicate that house and unit prices are poised to reach new record highs in 2023 and 2024. Sydney, in particular, is expected to lead the growth, with anticipated increases of 6% to 9% for houses and 2% to 5% for units.

The demand for properties is projected to continue growing in 2023. International migration is on the rise again, and there is a growing push for further increases in migration intake to address workforce shortages.

While these projections are speculative, the evident resilience and positive prospects indicate that investment properties in Australia hold strong potential for wealth-building among investors.

Take the First Step

When considering property and real estate investment, partnering with experts can make all the difference. St Trinity Property Group has proven expertise in guiding individuals towards successful real estate investment strategi es that, in turn, lead to building wealth. Our team of professionals offers personalised advice, in-depth market insights, and a comprehensive understanding of property trends.


In the journey to building wealth, saving and earning are important foundational steps. However, investing is the catalyst that can exponentially propel your financial growth. When it comes to investment, the property and real estate industry emerges as a stable, lucrative, and long-term avenue for building substantial wealth.

Ready to take the leap into property and real estate investment? Don’t navigate this path alone.

Contact us today or call us at (02) 9099 3412 and let their experts show you the way to financial prosperity. 

Remember, the road to financial success is built on informed decisions and strategic choices. Start investing in property and real estate today to secure your financial future tomorrow.

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