December 23, 2022

Looking to get into property investment or continue to build your property portfolio? We know that there are so many different aspects that need to be considered.

So, you are going to want the best property experts in your corner. At St Trinity, we believe who you partner with is critical to your success, which is why we are here to help.

Let’s explore how Sandra & George continued their property investment journey with St Trinity and turned property investment into a passion with a clear goal. 

Sandra & George’s Property Journey

Sandra is a 37-year-old female that works in customer service. Together with her partner George (42), who is a builder, they settled in Wollongong for work and have a beautiful family with 3 children. After already having owned a few investment properties in Chile and Sydney, Sandra and George decided it was about time to level up and add another investment to their property portfolio.

Sandra and George came to St Trinity about a year ago for this decided next investment. After scouting the market and looking at an array of different companies, they decided to move forward in their investment journey with our team here at St Trinity and purchased an apartment in Midtown Wollongong. When it came time to settle on this property, the valuation returned at an increased value, so they came back to us for another investment property in Wollongong as they believed it was a very good time to invest and a great place to live.


Our expert property consultants were there to help the couple every step of the way. Sandra was interested in investing in apartments since she believed the unit market looked bright for 2023 due to low supply and high demand. Our team assured Sandra and George they would continue to receive all the guidance and support they needed, from investment & financial education to regular check-ins and follow-ups.

Property investment is a significant decision, and “the team was available at all times and open to any questions”, said Sandra. This made the process easy for the couple and left no room for complications. Earlier this month, they purchased another 1 bedroom apartment off the plan at our newest project, Atchison & Kenny Wollongong. Sandra mentioned this would be a stepping stone to another 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment in the near future.

The most important thing to Sandra and George is assistance and help. Having helped Australians build and hold diverse property portfolios for over 10 years, the St Trinity team was able to help get Sandra and George started up again on their property investment journey and assisted in their every need. Sandra and George were delighted with the outcome and said that they were lucky to get the opportunity to work together with St Trinity.

Building a portfolio is a great way to build wealth, but it’s hard on your own.

Much like Sandra, many of our customers were looking to invest in property and have chosen St Trinity Property Group as a trustful partner on the journey. Together we will help you get started to achieve your financial goals and objectives by utilising our professional resources and contacts, to assist you during the entire process. Our team will give you the best advice needed – so you can make the right decisions to build a great property portfolio.

Watch Sandra & George’s entire story here!

Want to get a move on your property investment journey?

Contact our team here at St Trinity today at (02) 9099 3412

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