June 15, 2022

Fairfield in South-Western Sydney is getting a lot of attention (and for good reason!). Let’s get you up to speed on what all the fuss is about.

Fairfield – A Spirited Suburb In Western Sydney

Fairfield is located 45 minutes south of Sydney’s CBD. It is an interconnected suburb with a strong sense of connection, which is located in close proximity to Western Sydney’s most dynamic suburbs such as Parramatta, Liverpool, and Bankstown. Fairfield is connected to the M4 and M5 motorways by rail, the Liverpool to Parramatta bus transitway, and the M7 motorway.

As per its slogan of “Celebrating Diversity”, Fairfield is one of Australia’s most ethnically and culturally diverse cities, with more than half of the population born outside of Australia.

This multiculturalism is a celebration of differences and a welcoming to people from all different walks of life. Fairfield is also a beloved destination for arts and culture, with residents celebrating a wide array of annual festivals with much delight, embracing diversity and traditions.

Fairfield is the ideal mix of business and residential space, boasting a fascinating array of high-end buildings as well as new high-rise residences for good measure.

Residents have access to retail and gastronomic options unlike any other. A limitless selection of fresh produce, fashion, homewares, and more is at your fingertips.

Meet The People Of Fairfield – The Suburb For All

(Image: Fairfield City Council)

With over 18,000 residents, there is a wide variety of demographics within the area. The Median age is 36, with a high proportion of families with children. Thus, Fairfield invites both buyers and investors into the area with its high demand for young families who are ready to create the home they have always wanted.

The large proportion of families within the area is an indicator that explains the high quality of schools and local attractions available.

fairfield stats

(Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics)

Fairfield – An Investment With Exciting Rewards

As a busy suburb in Western Sydney, it is only natural that Fairfield rides the waves of growth and economic reward that the West is experiencing. However, the suburb is able to stand out on its own as it continues to deliver impressive figures for investors each year.

(Source: SQM Research, Australian Bureau of Statistics)

Statistically speaking, Fairfield has continued to transform rapidly in growth. This can be seen in a multitude of key indicators which highlight why there has been a higher demand for property in Fairfield and a recent upward surge in the investor market.

A Growing Population

Fairfield is home to over 18,000 residents and has built itself to be a vibrant community in Western Sydney. The suburb has grown over the last decade, with Census data showcasing an impressive population surge.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Fairfield’s population rose by 16.7% from 2006 to 2016, which suggests that residential building developments and upgrades to the region have made significant changes in the growth of the population attracting new residents.

(Image: Fairfield City Council)

Increased Rental Yield

An increase in accommodation rental indicates a growing investor market and increased interest in Fairfield’s properties. According to the ABS, 46.9% of Fairfield properties were rented in 2006.

10 years later in 2016, the suburb has transformed into a majority renting arrangement with 55% of properties being rented, indicating a growing investor market.

Low Vacancy Rate

The low vacancy rate is a key indicator of high rental demand and represents the increased popularity of the suburb.

Moreover, this low vacancy rate was achieved at a rapid rate with the rate dropping to 1.8% (March 2022) from 3.1% (December 2021). Therefore, it is undeniable that properties in Fairfield have become one of the hottest commodities that Sydney has to offer.

(Image: Fairfield City Council)

Impressive Rental Yield

Fairfield sits above average with a rental yield of 4.5% for “all units” and 4.1% for “all houses” (April 2022), according to SQM Research. Thus, it is clear that investors of Fairfield are currently enjoying some of the highest rental yields within Sydney and why the region has become home to some of the most in-demand properties.

To compare and contrast, SQM research has identified that the average rental yield for “all units” is currently sitting at 3.6% and 2.3% for “all houses”. This is a clear indication that Fairfield is a top-performing suburb and that it is sitting proudly ahead of the curve.

Exciting New Upgrades In Fairfield

Deerbush Park – “An All-Abilities Playground”

(Image: Fairfield City Council)

Deerbush Park Playground opened to the public in June 2021. The all-abilities playground features accessible play equipment which provides endless fun and activities for both kids and adults to enjoy!

Attractions include:

  • Splash pad
  • Walking routes
  • Outdoor gym equipment
  • Liberty Swing
  • Wheelchair-accessible carousel
  • Ground-level trampoline
  • Ground-level ropes course
  • Water play area with squirters and dumping buckets
  • Riding track
  • A climbing net fort with a slide

The park also contains valuable amenities such as a public restroom with a changing table that can be lifted and lowered, accessible riverbed crossing and picnic tables, and bench seating areas – accessible recreation for all!

Fairfield Showground – A Modern Sporting And Cultural Club

(image: Fairfield Showground)

Fairfield showground is under redevelopment in order to transform into a sporting and cultural hub for high-level sports, community & cultural events, and major events.

The showground is predicted to be a major public amenity with the capacity to host festivals, markets, and large-scale sporting events.

Smithfield Road Upgrade – Less Traffic, Fewer Worries

(Image: Fairfield City Council)

Smithfield Road has been upgraded to a dual highway from Elizabeth Drive to Polding Street. The update also featured the construction of an expanded four-lane, the two-way highway along Smithfield Road.

Fairfield commuters will benefit from the necessary road improvements, which will allow them to spend more time with their families rather than being delayed in traffic.

Fairfield Library – Service To The Community

(Image: Fairfield City Council)

The new Fairfield library is officially open and is offering a new recreational community. The Fairfield library is also able to offer some council and community services. Services include access and borrowing of books and texts. Some residents may also be eligible for home library services.

Fairfield HQ

(Image: Fairfield City Council)

The previous library on Kenyon Street has been replaced by Fairfield HQ – a $1.5 million facility that has been renovated into a corporate centre with extra community areas, and it is now open.

Fairfield HQ was built to support the increasing start-up company sector, the new business hub offers workstations, internet, and wifi connectivity, as well as meeting and seminar rooms. Its mission is to provide space for local businesses of varying sizes to facilitate their ambitions and strengthen the local economy.

– – – – – – – – – –

The rapid developments in Fairfield invite boundless opportunities to its residents, visitors, and investors. The celebration of diversity makes it one of the most inviting, inclusive, and sought-after neighbourhoods in Sydney.

To find out more about what’s on offer in Fairfield, contact us below.

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