February 23, 2024

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Did you hear that the average home in Sydney is now well over $1 Million? Eek!

But fear not, because we’ve got your back. In this article, we’re unveiling Western Sydney’s best-kept secrets – the top 5 suburbs where you can still score a sweet deal. As Sydney’s real estate prices reach new heights, these suburbs emerge as the underdogs, offering affordability and potential gains.

So, if you’re dreaming of homeownership without the eye-watering price tag, keep reading as we dish out the details on where to find affordable real estate in Western Sydney without breaking the bank!

Parklands in St Marys where you can buy affordable real estate in Western Sydney

1. St Marys

Charming St Marys, situated approximately 41 kilometres from bustling Sydney CBD and about 11 kilometres from vibrant Parramatta CBD, combines suburban tranquillity with urban convenience. St Marys offers a diverse range of housing options, from family homes to apartments.

Key Reasons to Buy or Invest in St Marys:

  • Strategic Location: Positioned within a reasonable distance from both Sydney CBD and Parramatta CBD, St Marys provides access to major business and cultural hubs.
  • Transportation Hub: With the St Marys railway station, M4 Motorway, and Great Western Highway, the suburb offers excellent transportation options, enhancing its appeal for commuters.
  • Family-Friendly Environment: St Marys boasts a local shopping precinct, green spaces, and a strong community spirit, creating a family-friendly atmosphere.
Affordable Property for sale in Villawood, Western Sydney are within close proximity to local amenities

2. Villawood

Another gem in Western Sydney, Villawood, offers a diverse residential setting approximately 23 kilometres southwest of Sydney CBD and about 11 kilometres east of Parramatta CBD.

Key Reasons to Buy or Invest in Villawood:

  • Strategic Location: Villawood’s proximity to Sydney CBD and Parramatta CBD makes it an attractive investment, ensuring connectivity to key business and cultural centres.
  • Transportation Convenience: Well-connected via the Hume Highway, Villawood provides easy commuting options, enhancing its accessibility.
  • Local Amenities: With schools, parks, and shopping options, Villawood contributes to a comfortable and family-friendly living experience.
Western Sydney boasts affordable real estate in Merrylands

3. Merrylands

Merrylands, celebrated for its dynamic urban atmosphere and diverse community is nestled in close proximity to Sydney’s second CBD, Parramatta.

Key Reasons to Buy or Invest in Merrylands:

  • Proximity to Parramatta: Being close to Sydney’s second CBD, Merrylands offers residentsaccess to a major business and cultural centre.
  • Transportation Infrastructure: Merrylands is well-connected with the Merrylands train station and key roadways, ensuring convenient commuting for residents.
  • Recreational Facilities: The suburb boasts numerous parks and community centres, providing spaces for outdoor activities and community gatherings.
Parklands and Golf Courses are at the centre of Fairfield, where you can purchase affordable real estate in Western Sydney

4. Fairfield

Fairfield, located in southwestern Sydney, is a vibrant and culturally diverse suburb, offering a unique atmosphere with amix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

Key Reasons to Buy or Invest in Fairfield:

  • Cultural Diversity: Fairfield’s multicultural environment adds vibrancy and unique cultural experiences to the suburb.
  • Fairfield City Centre: Serving as a hub for shopping and entertainment, the lively city centre enhances the local lifestyle.
  • Connectivity: The Fairfield railway station ensures convenient transportation, contributing to the suburb’s accessibility.
Parramatta Square is the business centre of the suburb in Western Sydney

5. Parramatta

Yes, you read correctly, we’ve found affordable properties available in Parramatta!

Parramatta, the second CBD of Sydney, boasts an incredibly convenient and vibrant setting, providing an entry point for all budgets.

Key Reasons to Buy or Invest in Parramatta:

  • Strategic Location: Positioned as Sydney’s second CBD, Parramatta offers a central location with access to business and cultural opportunities.
  • Excellent Connectivity: Close proximity to key facilities like Parramatta Business Centre, upgraded Parramatta wharf, and the upcoming Powerhouse Museum enhances connectivity.
  • Academic and Lifestyle Amenities: Access to Westfield Parramatta, Parramatta train station, and the University of Western Sydney’s international student campus provides a comprehensive blend of academic and lifestyle amenities.


In the challenging landscape of Sydney’s real estate market, the suburbs of St Marys, Villawood, Merrylands, Fairfield, and Parramatta shine as affordable havens with promising investment potential. These Western Sydney gems not only offer relief from skyrocketing prices but also present strategic opportunities for homeownership and investment.

For those eager to explore exclusive properties for sale in these thriving suburbs, reaching out to St Trinity Property Group opens the door to unique and strategic real estate opportunities. As the story of real estate in Western Sydney unfolds, these suburbs stand as testaments to the harmonious balance of affordability, quality living, and investment potential.

In the pursuit of a home or a strategic venture, these suburbs invite prospective homeowners and investors to uncover the untapped potential and vibrant communities within Western Sydney. Want to know why you should make the move to Western Sydney? Find out here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most affordable suburbs for real estate in Western Sydney?

Some of the most affordable suburbs in Western Sydney are St Marys, Villawood, Merrylands, Fairfield and even Parramatta.

How much does it cost to buy a house/unit in Western Sydney compared to other parts of Sydney?

In St Marys, Villawood, Merrylands, Fairfield, and Parramatta, housing prices are notably more affordable than the broader Sydney market, where the average home price has surged past $1 million. With average prices such as $599,000 in St Marys, $500,000 in Villawood, and $430,000 in Fairfield, these suburbs offer budget-friendly options for prospective buyers seeking affordable real estate in western Sydney.

Is now a good time to buy real estate in Western Sydney?

Western Sydney offers a haven of relatively reasonable property values, making it an attractive prospect for potential buyers seeking affordable housing options without compromising strategic location and essential amenities. Boasting a unique blend of affordability and promising locations, the region, including suburbs like St Marys, Villawood, Merrylands, Fairfield, and Parramatta, stands out amidst the broader surge in Sydney’s property market.

However, staying informed about market trends, interest rates, and potential developments is essential, and consulting with real estate experts is recommended to make well-informed decisions based on individual circumstances and long-term investment goals.

What are the pros and cons of living in Western Sydney?

Pros: Affordability, diverse amenities, strong community spirit.

Cons: Commute times to Sydney CBD (varies), potential traffic congestion.

Which suburbs in Western Sydney offer good value for money?

St Marys, Villawood, Merrylands, Fairfield, and Parramatta are considered value-for-money suburbs.

What are the different types of real estate available in Western Sydney?

Houses, units, apartments, and townhouses are prevalent in the real estate market in western Sydney.

Bonus FAQs:

What are the best upcoming developments in Western Sydney?

Noteworthy locations for potential future expansion include developments around the Western Sydney Airport and the Parramatta Square precinct. To stay informed about the most promising developments in western Sydney, consider consulting with experienced real estate professionals like St Trinity. These experts excel in market research and are well-versed in tracking upcoming growth areas across Australia.

Engaging with a reputable real estate professional ensures access to valuable insights, aiding in informed decisions for those seeking strategic property investments in the dynamic landscape of western Sydney.

Is it better to buy or rent in Western Sydney?

When deciding between buying or renting in western Sydney, it’s essential to consider financial goals and lifestyle preferences. Buying a property presents the potential for long-term investment and homeownership, allowing individuals to build equity over time. On the other hand, renting offers flexibility, especially for those who embrace the concept of rentvesting.

Rentvesting allows individuals to invest in property for long-term growth while maintaining flexibility in choosing where to live.This innovative approach provides the best of both worlds, enabling individuals to enter the property market for investment purposes while having the freedom to rent a property in an area that aligns with their lifestyle. The decision to buy or rent, and potentially engage in rentvesting, should be carefully evaluated based on individual circumstances, financial objectives, and the desired balance between property ownership and lifestyle flexibility.

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